We create graphic design and web design solutions that are functional, beautiful, and make business sense.

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Seamless Workflow

We are your one-stop source for your graphic design and website development needs. We offer a wide range of solutions, including the development of business collateral, packaging or signage design, logo design, re-branding, website design, Search Engine Optimization and more. We help you take a project from concept to completion. All of our work is done in-house. We do not outsource, nor do we resell any of our design or development work.

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Focus on Security

It is not enough to deliver a beautiful, functional website if it is vulnerable to attack. We offer secure hosting, as well as our own custom security adjustments to Wordpress and other CMSes. We have years of experience in dealing with advanced state and federal data-security compliance (including HIPAA). We can also help your business understand the policy requirements that come with securing sensitive data.

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Wide Skillset

Our art director and founder, David Barthwell, has over 10 years of programming experience. Our designers can code, and our coders have experience with both front and backend development. Our team is small, cost-effective, and incredibly efficient. We can also seamlessly integrate within existing teams for larger scale projects, serving as frictionless liasions between design and development departments. If you have any questions about our skills and how they might help you, please feel free to contact us!

Don't just take our word for it...

Read what some of our clients say about us.

Steve Munini

"I can't speak highly enough about David and the team at Verge Graphics. I have worked with Verge Graphics for many years to design, build and ship several enterprise-class software products. The team is exceptional at taking an early stage concept, fleshing it out, and working with other subject matter experts to arrive at a comprehensive solution that not only works from a functional perspective but also encompasses the latest in user interface simplicity. Their end products always achieve a professional polish that looks fantastic."

"Dave and his team have a style of work that is hard to find in terms of the level of service they provide on projects. They go above and beyond - I always feel like they are emotionally invested in my business and the success of my projects. I have had the pleasure to work with the Verge Graphics team on a wide range of projects spanning small marketing pieces with quick turnaround requirements to multi-month new application design and development initiatives. Dave and his team bring a unique marriage of code and design, which made it convenient to integrate them into larger teams to accomplish a goal quickly."

"I highly recommend Verge Graphics - their ability to take an idea with minimal guidance or management and deliver on deadline is unmatched in the industry."

Steve Munini
CEO and CTO, Helios Software, Inc.

Sidney Miltz

"Verge turned our website into a multimedia experience that appeals to a wide range of viewers, and our website hits have increased dramatically since hiring them."

"David's high-quality designs coupled with expert SEO skills make him an excellent consultant for all of our marketing needs. Not only is he is creative and always bringing forth new ideas to maximize our online presence, but he is able to explain the reasoning behind his decisions and the complexities of online marketing to everyone on the team regardless of their experience in the field. We are lucky to have him working for our company."

Sidney Miltz
Chief Clinical Officer, Two Dreams

Priya Patel

"David embodies all the characteristics that one looks for in a great service provider - he's professional, intelligent, prompt, reliable and creative."

"David is an extremely talented web designer. Although our company hired David as an external service provider, he immediately became part of the team and interacted with us in seamless manner. He took a vested interest in helping us develop an effective, beautiful and customer-friendly web platform to sell our products. I highly recommend David and his team."

Priya Patel
Vice President, Marketing & Operations, LOTUS by Loa

Yasmine Ashuraey

"I had an absolutely AMAZING experience with David and his team at Verge. I'm an entrepreneur and an artist so my standards were fairly high for both business and aesthetics. Let me say FIRST that I am the least website-savvy person in any room, and SECOND that I'm very picky with how things "look" and "feel". Verge helped me understand what was possible in lay terms, so that my non-website savvy background wasn't an issue, and then they delivered above and beyond in every dimension for the website itself. It was phenomenal work at a great price. There were several details that I felt made this possible, and made my experience one-of-a-kind."

"First, David took a vested personal interest in my business and the success of my project. He asked all the right questions and gave great and impactful advice. His emails and communication were fast and prompt as well. Second, David had this uncanny ability to take the ideas from my head and capture it on the website. It was very impressive. He has a sixth sense. Third, David has the ability to code and design, which means he never had to check in with any of his team before approving anything I requested. He understood and helped deliver my vision from start to finish."

"To summarize, I enjoyed the end product (absolutely beautiful!) and wouldn't hesitate to come back to use Verge again. I recommend David and his team wholeheartedly."

Yasmine Ashuraey
Founder, Skilled Attraction

Ruth DeGolia

"David played a key role in helping Mercado Global develop its branding strategies and materials, including helping us develop our website, logo and brochures. David was a pleasure to work with and helped us create the brand and presentation we needed to grow our work and the organization. I highly recommend David's work to any organization or company in need of a fantastic graphic designer or website designer. He will not only provide these key services but also be a thought partner in the role out of your company or organization's brand strategy."

Ruth DeGolia
Executive Director, Mercado Global