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AQT Solar

A clean logo design for AQT Solar, a producer of thin solar cells. The logo was easy to replicate across varied applications, had a strong single-color read, required no complex supporting brand system, and was flexible enough to grow with the orgainization. The "cell" shapes surrounding the A, Q, and T were derived from the physical shapes of their solar cells. The adjacent yellow "sun" circle provides contrast to the uniformity and strong geometric forms of the typography.


A logo design for the not-for-profit Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD), coordinators of a comprehensive national effort to prevent prescription drug fraud, diversion, misuse, and abuse while advancing consumer access to high-quality care for pain, addiction, and other health issues. The shield shape was carefully designed to evoke elements of protection while avoiding a more scalloped shape that could reference law-enforcement and the more punative elements of abuse deterrance.

The cutout is simultaneously a keyhole and a stylized silhouette of a mortar and pestle, an ancient device associated with the production of medicine. Finally, the sweeping arms of the bowl allude to embracing arms, furthering the themes of care and protection.

FORCE GorillaTeach Helios

A logo design for Helios Software, a healthcare software development company. We chose a vibrant orange to both highlight Helios' energetic solutions and to reference the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification, which is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. The rising "O" symbolizes both transformation and potential. See more Helios work.

ICAN La Panotiq Bakery Cafe

A logo design for La PanotiQ, a family-owned bakery and cafe bringing authentic French bread, pastries, and cuisine to San Francisco and Bay area. We designed a rectangular logo with proportions based on traditional flour and water ratios found in French baking. Our boxed logo solution was not only conceptually sound - it could also be easily printed on solid-color stickers, allowing for a single color, cost-efficient, and flexible branding application (for instance, to secure to-go packaging). See more La PanotiQ work.

LinkedCap Consulting

A logo design for LinkedCap, a boutique investment and consulting firm. Our logo design references the shapes of the Mysterium Cosmographum, or Kepler’s representation of his concept of a structured, geometrical plan for the universe. These concepts are echoed in the balancing curve, the platonic three-dimensional tetrahedron, and the negative space generated from the tension between the two.

The solution speaks to the firm's ability to identify structure and provide stability within a complex system. The harmonious triality of forms also reference LinkedCap's intelligent combination of finance, human capital, and intellectual capital. See more LinkedCap work.

Southworth Associates Take on Life
Two Dreams Drug and Addiction Treatment Logo
Two Dreams Drug and Addiction Treatment Logo
Two Dreams Drug and Addiction Treatment Logo
Two Dreams Drug and Addiction Treatment Logo

A logo design for Two Dreams, a multi-location drug treatment program. We based the design around Cancer, one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. In Greek mythology, Cancer was the tiny crab sent to do battle with Hercules, echoing the daunting odds and struggles of recovering from an addiction. Cancer is also the faintest of the zodiacal constellations, and very difficult to see with the naked eye - we found this to be a beautiful analogy of Two Dreams' caring staff and counselors helping point out the road to recovery for their clients. We also customized the logo to each of their three locations. See more Two Dreams work.

Vertos Development