This post is an archive. We have depreciated the original plugin detailed below. If you have any Joomla questions, please feel free to send us an email!

In Facebook's bid to take over the world, they have introduced the Facebook Like Button. We decided that it might be useful to have a Joomla module that auto-generates the code for this button, so we set to work and in an hour we had assembled a first version that seems to run pretty well. We are assuming that the Like Button will change over time, so we are trying to keep our code as easy to change as possible. For a picture and some more information continue reading below.

The module allows you to output the button either in the iframe friendly format or as FBML if your site is using FBML. It also has a toggle switch to automatically discover the URL for each page it is on or you can just place a site wide one. Otherwise it should allow for all configurations available if you were to hard code it. Note: The module comes without implicit or explicit warranties and must be used at own risk.

Future improvements would be to use Open Graph meta tags but we have yet a good way to try and match specific ones to page content.

Here is an example of the button for this page:


**Lori points out some clarification on different button features:

"The basic Like button is available via a simple iframe you can drop into your page easily. A fuller-featured Like button is available via the < fb:like> XFBML tag and requires you use the JavaScript SDK. The XFBML version allows users to add a comment to their like as it is posted back to Facebook."**

** Playak points out the following bug in the Facebook publisher which may cause it not to read pages properly:

i found the problem i think. i noticed that the facebook publisher also has problems reading my pages, so i started narrowing down what caused that. it seems to be in the joomla menu. when it has span tags with just a space inside, facebook chokes on it.

Please check out his blog: for more information and other goodies.

Please take a look here for more information on FBML